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Healthy Living & Wellness

Healthy Living & wellness are the new mantras of keeping fit & living fulfilling lives.This starts with following a diet that is rich in nutrition. MORE...


Today Indian sports persons are gaining global recognition therefore it is important to support them. Essen has estabilished a center for sports, dedicated to sports medicine and athletic performance research. MORE...


Intense muscle building workouts, fitness exercises and sporting activities require extra proteins to keep you going strongly.How will you ensure reliable and quality extra proteins?MORE...

Bone & Joint Health

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human is found in the bones, muscles, skin and tendons,where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and forms about 30% of the human body muscles and skin. As the body ages, the collagen content in the body gets affected, leading to various knee, bone, joint and skin problems.MORE...

Diabetic Friendly

A healthy, balanced diet is key to keeping your blood sugar levels in check and your diabetes under control. MORE...


Malnutrition among children is a global affects an estimated one in four children.Essen has developed products to help address this global problem. MORE...

Weight Loss

Obesity and overweight can be effectively managed with a scientifically planned dietary intervention.Our weight loss program "SLIM DANCE" is just that.MORE...



We are here to help you realize your optimum nutritional value and provide you with the highest quality products. Essen is a team of Research Scientists and Health & Nutrition enthusiasts, whose goal is to provide you with the highest caliber of nutritional products.

Food Safety

We work hard to make sure we meet all the latest food safety, quality, and regulatory standards for our products, ingredients, and packaging. To ensure that we often set our internal standards higher than those of the ​international standards.


We use both government and internal standards to help shape product design, and we assess our products annually to identify opportunities for further innovation and renovation.

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