Simpl Powder

For people with diabetes / hyperglycemia
SIMPL is designed as per Evidence Based Recommendations (EBR) from the world’s top international health agencies: US FDA, European Union WHO/FAO, Indian Council of Medical Research, Canadian FDA, British FDA, South African FDA, American Diabetic Association and American Heart Association(1,2)

  • Diabetic friendly nutrition shake.
  • To help minimize blood sugar spikes, promote heart health and provide immune support.
  • Formulated as per “Evidence based recommendation” from world’s top 9 health agencies including USFDA, EU, WHO, Canadian FDA, British FDA, South African FDA, Australian FDA and ICMR.
  • Provides 27 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Available in Ready-to-drink & Ready-to-mix powdered drink.

How Nutritional Supplementation with Simpl powder can help?
Essen Simplpowder is a unique nutritional supplement formulated to manage the fluctuating glucose le


How does the glucose level increase in the blood?
The source of glucose is the food we eat. The body cannot absorb the food as such for its various f


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