Isopower Whey Protein

Proteins are made of amino acids. There are some amino acids which the body cannot synthesise by its own. They are essential amino acids. Proteins containing all essential amino acids are called ‘Complete Proteins’. ISOPOWER Whey Protein is a Complete Protein because it contains all the essential amino acids. One scoop of 32g ISOPOWER Whey Protein contains 26g high quality proteins derived from milk proteins as isolates and concentrates. Th

  • Gives 26g Protein containing 5750 mg BCAAs (per Scoop of 32g)
  • Provides all Essential Amino Acids
  • Meets the Gold Standard of PDCAA Score set by WHO & US FDA
  • Free from Steroids and Gluten
  • Low Fat & Low Carbohydrate
  • Low Glycemic Index, hence Diabetic friendly
  • Rapid Solubility
  • Available in CHOCOLATE, VANILLA and STRAWBERRY flavours

How will you ensure reliable and quality EXTRA PROTEINS?
Intense muscle building workouts, fitness exercises and sporting activities require EXTRA PROTEINS t


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